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 Brief Professional Information
 Academic background
2010-2012 Graduated at the Northeastern University - Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (Boston, USA)
2007-2009 Graduated at the Bunker Hill Community College with specialisation Associate in Science, Computer Science.
2000-2005  Graduated at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski with specialisation  Applied Mathematics.
1995-2000 - Sofia High School of Mathematics

Professional Background
Since 2009 Nikolay works in MariNI as a Software Engineer, developing our trademark monitoring system used to protect our clients’ trademarks.
Worked for FreshAddress, Inc.  като Design and implement QA processes for email campaign pre-deployment and ETL processing,
Data Wrangling and Develop applications to support internal operations. 
Previously Nikolay worked for FreshAddress, Inc. where he developed QA processes and scalable ETL applications. 
Worked in a Bunker Hill Community College като Object Oriented Programming Tutor.
Worked in Etaligent.NET as Technical Support Specialist, Senior Technical Support Specialist, Project Manager / Web Developer
He also held number of positions in Etaligent.NET from Technical Support Specialist to Project Manager and Application Developer.