Documents Required

1. Full names and addresses of the Applicant and Inventor.
2. Specification and claims (in English, German or French)- 2 copies.
3. Formal drawings (if any) on A4 size paper – 2 copies.
4. Power of Attorney.
5. Certified copy of the basic foreign application, if priority is claimed.
PLEASE NOTE: The maximum duration of the protection for the invention is 20 years and for a utility model is 10 years from the filing date.

1. Description of the characteristics of the design.
2. Photographs or drawings – 15 copies of the basic position (max. 5 x 7 cm, min. 3 x 4 cm.).
3. Power of Attorney.
4. Certified copy of the national application, if priority is claimed.

1. Full name and address of the Applicant.
2. 12 prints (max. 5 x 7 cm., min. 3 x 4 cm.), in addition, 2 black-white prints if the color is to be claimed.
3. List of goods (or services).
4. Power of Attorney.
5. Priority document, if priority is claimed.
6. Document for the legal existence and the object of activity.